Centralized Protected Digital Watch Certificate

Each Baron Cartel watch comes with a digital watch certificate that identifies the rightful and current owner through a centralized blockchain-technology-modeled process.

The certificate is public but the owner information is of course anonymized.

This means that you can safely buy, own and sell Baron Cartel watches at any time without the buyer and seller having to worry about counterfeits, plagiarism, clones and copies.
A Baron Cartel watch without digital certificate respectively its unique, valid authorization-code is a counterfeit.

  1. Your watch

    Select your favourite watch in our Baron Cartel online shop and proceed through the ordering process.

  2. Public watch certificate

    We issue the public watch certificate (view sample certificate) according to the watches unique serial number.

  3. The package

    You’ll receive your watch including your member card and a secret key. Keep the secret key well protected, you may need it one day (see below).

    a) Your member card

    The member card includes a link to your public member profile page (view sample profile page) which lists all your Baron Cartel properties, manuals and support documents.
    All properties are linked to their individual certificate pages.
    Your membership, your member profile page and the watch certificate page is free for life, there are further or hidden costs at any time.

    b) Watch certificate

    You can find all specs of your watch on the watch certificate page (view sample certificate). It also authorizes you as the rightful owner of the watch.

    c) The secret key

    If you’ll ever sell, swap or give away your watch to someone else, you can do it safely and secure for both sides. Remember the secret key, here is where you’ll need it:

  4. Transferring ownership

    Hand the watch AND the secret key over to the new owner.
    The new owner will then send us his details along with the secret key via E-Mail.
    We’ll check the information and if it matches, we will update the ownership details on the watch certificate page accordingly.
    Then we will issue a new secret key to the new owner via E-Mail. In case the new owner wants to transfer ownership one day, the exact same process applies again.
    The watch certificate will be online forever and there is no limit on the number of owners it can hold, without any extra cost.

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