Baron Cartel Membership

Purchasing a quality product from Baron Cartel does not make you a customer. It makes you a member of the Baron Cartel.

Baron Cartel members wearing a watch or bracelet are not just wearing an excellent piece of jewelry, it means that they are following and living the Baron Cartel code of conduct each and every day:

Honour. Loyalty. Respect.

By wearing a Baron Cartel piece you are not only a brand ambassador but more importantly an attitude ambassador and you are conveying this message not only to your close environment but to the entire world.

So whenever you see someone wearing Baron Cartel jewelry you immediately identify and connect though the attitude you have in common: Honour. Loyalty. Respect.

No matter which religion, race, political opinion he has or whether he is wealthy or poor.


When you purchase a Baron Cartel product you automatically become a Baron Cartel member. You will get a lifetime free member profile page (view sample profile here) which lists your Baron Cartel purchases and, if you own a watch, link to the digital watch certificate (view sample certificate here).

There are no further costs involved, whether recurring, additional and/or hidden and it does neither permit nor commit you to anything except living your live according to the Baron Cartel code of conduct: Honour. Loyalty. Respect.

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